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Become "Best MATEs" with your computers

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you?

  • You get frustrated when your computer does not do what you expect?
  • You have trouble finding someone who can explain your computer issues in terms you understand?
  • You are not getting value for money from your computer support providers?
  • Your computer support provider only has a "return to base" policy; they will not come and visit you in your home, your office or when you are "out and about?"
  • You are a Small Business owner and spend too much of your valuable time trying to get your computer systems to work for your business; time that could be spent with your clients or on growing your business?
  • You are a Small Business owner or Home User and would like to do more with your computer but don't know what to do, how to do it or even where to start
  • As a Small Business owner you feel that you are losing out to your competitors who are exploiting Social Media to attract a larger potential market possibly including your customers? 

Become MATEs with your computers

Do you wish you could call on someone who will solve your computer issues and demonstrate how to apply technology solutions more effectively to meet you business or lifestyle goals?  If so, MATE Computing is for you. 

MATE Computing, based on the Central Coast of NSW, is an IT Support Services and Technology Deployment specialist company.  We address the specific needs of two niche markets, Home Users and Small Business.  Click on the relevant link to see how we can improve your experience working wiith computers at home or in your business.

Dealing with MATE Computing is different.  We began working with computers when they first entered the corporate world.  Our support staff are seasoned computer professionals with extensive backgrounds in a broad range of business environments.  By keeping abreast of developments in the ever changing world of technology, we can solve your computer problems for you and advise you how to get the most out of your computer technology investments; whether to successfully grow your small business or to support your lifestyle goals.

We conduct business by developing trusting relationships with our clients and providing good old fashioned friendly, personalised and cost-effective services to both small business and home computer users.

Click on home users or business to see details of the services we offer to help you overcome your frustration with computers and focus on running and building your business or support your lifestyle goals.