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  • "Chas Young was recommended to me by my Father. I was extremely impressed with his professionalism, knowledge and it was fantastic to have someone explain IT in a layman’s language that I could understand!. Chas took time and effort to make sure that my home computer ran well for both my own usage and for the children as well. I have no hesitations in recommending Chas Young as a preferred computer support."

    Caroline Carroll
    Senior Property Manager - First National Real Estate

  • "If you can not do as Rudyard Kipling once said "If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs." then I suggest you call on Chas Young to help you solve your computer problems.
    Chas on occasion has helped me with many aspects of program installation and usage. With his calm relaxed manner he has solved my problems with a minimum of fuss.
    For a down to earth computer expert Chas Young fits the bill."


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I know nothing about computers.  Can you teach me how to get started?
A. Yes absolutely, we can start with the basics and you can learn at your own pace.

Q. I don't have a computer and don't really trust the salesmen to be honest with me.  Can you give me advice about buying the right equipment for my needs?
A. Yes we certainly can and do give such advice.  Talk to us before you spend your money.  That way you can avoid buying overpriced or obsolete equipment.

Q. Being a mature aged person, might I feel a bit embarrassed or uncomfortable learning from someone who is young enough to be my grandchild?
A. Our company name says it all.  We only offer Mature Age Technology Expertise.  Your instructor or tutor will be someone who easily relates to people such as yourself; someone with the maturity to have developed good interpersonal relationship skills with the patience and understanding to guide you as you learn new skills.

Q. I have some computer experience but I would like to learn more and take my skills to the next level.  Can your training courses help me?
A. Most certainly.  MATE Computing training caters for people with varying levels of experience; from beginner to advanced.  We will adjust our training programs to match your skill level and requirements accordingly.

Q. A couple of my friends would like you to come to our retirement village for a group training session.  How many people do you require?
A. We can provide one-on-one tutoring or teach groups of up to 20 people. Most people find group bookings to be most cost-effective option as the cost is split between several people.  One-on-one tutoring, while very specific, is time consuming so costs more. 

Q.  While we adore our grandchildren, my wife and I dread the thought of what may happen to our computer when they visit us during school holidays.  Is there anything we can do to "child proof" our computer short of denying them access by locking the door to our study?
A. Have you watched our "child proofing" video yet?  There are ways we can protect your data and computer settings so that you can allow your grandchildren to play their computer games, keep in touch with their friends on Facebook or "surf the net" in safety.  This can be achieved through a combination of security and parental control settings.  Your computer settings and data could be secured by the time your grandchildren next "descend on you." 

Q. My computer is giving me all sorts of problems.  Can you help sort things out?
A. Yes that is what MATE Computing does best. We can diagnose and rectify problems; whether it is a user problem or an equipment problem. MATE Computing can remove harmful viruses and spyware that can cause you ongoing headaches as well as determining whether your current level of anti-virus protection is adequate.

Q. A friend of mine has recommended your services to me. I am not a mature aged person – can you still help me?
A. Yes we can.  Whilst our hand-picked team of support staff has been tailored to the needs of mature aged customers, our service offerings, expertise and advice is applicable to any home or small business environment.

Q. My computer seems to be getting slower and slower.  Do I need to buy a new, faster model?
A. Not necessarily.  It depends on whether you need features not available with your current system.
Computers are no different to people or cars.  We have to take care of our mind and body as we grow.  Our cars will not continue to run at peak performance and efficiency without regular servicing.  Our computers are the same. 
Regular maintenance is required to stop computers from slowing down over time.  Luckily there are automated software programs available to undertake computer "housekeeping" activities for us.  We can recommend, install and tailor such software to meet your needs and avoid a future "slow down."

Q.  My question is not listed here.  Can I post a new question and receive an answer?
A.  Certainly you can.  Click here and fill out the "Contact MATE Computing" form with your question.  You will receive a personal answer by email.  If we do not have the answer ourselves we will try to point you in the right direction to obtain an answer. 
If your question is of general interest it will be posted here for the benefit of other computer users like yourself.