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MATE Computing - Company Profile

Our founder, Chas Young, identified an opportunity to apply his wealth of skills and knowledge to meet the computer support needs of people who want to get the most from their computers without worrying about what lies "under the covers."

Chas has started his life long career as a computer professional in the corporate world in 1969; before many of todays computer technicians were born.  He has lived and worked through the evolution of computers that has led us to the high technology world we live in today.  Chas is proud to now turn his wealth of knowledge and skills to meet the computer support needs of Small Business and Home Users.

MATE Computing was founded in 2011 when Chas identified a niche market in which he could deploy his Mature Age Technology Expertise to meet the ever growing needs of people who are not necessarily "technology savvy;" people who grew up in an age before computers became second nature.
Our phones had rotary dials or crank handles. 
Childhood playtime focused on the outdoors, not glued to computers, gaming consoles or mobile phones.
Surfing was solely a water sport, not something we did "On the Net"
We didn't text, tweet and email people; we wrote letters and postcards.
High-tech communication between friends involved two tin cans connected by a taut length of string.

Under Chas' leadership, MATE Computing has tailored its computer support services for people using computers to run their businesses more effectively, as a means of communicating with family and friends and as a research and lifestyle tool in their homes and offices.  

MATE Computing provides its small business and home user clients with a wide range of professional services that help take the frustration out of using computers.  Instead of battling with problems, clients get to achieve the results they seek from a business or lifestyle tool.

Contact us today to experience the difference offered by MATE Computing.