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AVG Anti-Virus and Internet Security Products

We are proud to be a reseller of the AVG range of data protection and security products.  We strongly believe that the AVG product range is the "best of breed" for both Small Business and Home Users. 

AVG has a strong presence here in Australia with an office located in Melbourne.  Having a local presence in Australia guarantees support through their excellent local technical support team.

Their range of consumer and small business products are easy to use, easily installed and affordable.

Anti-Virus, Internet Security and Identity Protection

AVG PC Tune-up can be automated to keep your computers running optimally, eliminating the gradual slow down in performance that can occur over time.  With PC Tune-up installed on your computers, they will be kept at optimal performance levelsPC Tune-up can be scheduled to run while you sleep.  It is like having domestic help cleaning your home or office without you even knowing that they have visited.  

By purchasing AVG products through MATE Computing we will contact you prior to license renewal dates to ensure that your computers remain protected.  At MATE Computing, we can customise your PC Tune-up settings to ensure optimal benefits are obtained.  

More details on the AVG product range can be obtained here

Contact us to arrange a 30 day free trial of any of the AVG range of products.