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Save Money by Extending the Life of your Computer

Would you like to gain additional performance for your current computer, avoiding having to buy a new one?

We specialise in the supply of cost effective alternatives to the purchase of a new machine.  Simple, low cost upgrades can give your existing machine a new lease of life saving your precious $$$

We can also supply refurbished ex-corporate lease machines at a fraction of the cost of a similarly configured new computer.  Unless you need features only available in a new machine, consider a pre-loved re-imaged machine with years of useful life left in it. 

RAM City is an Australian company that specialises in the supply of computer memory (ram) and internal hard drives.  At MATE Computing, we use their products extensively when upgrading computers to provide additional performance and extend their useful life.

While we do not suggest that computer novices should "open the covers" and install their own upgrades, we can undertake that for you using products supplied by RAM City.

Shortage of sufficient memory will slow down even the fastest computers.  Unless all active programs and data can fit into your computer's available memory, information is constantly being transferred between memory and the far slower internal or external disks.  This results in computer slowdowns.  A memory upgrade can transform the effective speed of most computers. The improvements experienced depend on the mix of programs and the number of applications you have concurrently open. 

Over the years computer disk drives have become faster and their capacity (the amount of information they can hold) has increased dramatically.  Only a few years ago most desktop computers were sold with 40 gigabyte (GB) or 80 GB disk drives.  The disks used in desktop PCs and as external drives today are typically 1 terabyte (TB) or 2 TB drives.  It's hard to find a laptop computer in the stores today with a disk capacity of less than 500 GB
Note: 1 GB is 1,000 million bytes or characters.  1 TB is 1000 gigabytes or one million million characters.  Big numbers, but not if you download movies, digitally record TV programs or store large quantities of photographs.

At MATE Computing we will not suggest that you replace a computer with a new one unless there is a good reason to do so.  Many computer replacements can be deferred for 2 or 3 years through the installation of more memory and/or faster and larger capacity disks.

If a lower cost upgrade of your existing computer will meet your needs, we can usually undertake both memory and disks upgrades within 1 or 2 business days of an order being placed.  With disk upgrades we also offer the service of migrating your programs and data from your old drive to your new one.

Contact us  to see if you can effectively extend the life of your existing computer through an inexpensive memory and/or disk drive upgrade.