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Stress Free Computing for your Small Business

Become "Best MATEs" with your Computers and Technology Solutions

Contact us now to see how we can help you achieve this.

Are your business IT issues large enough that you sometimes wish you could employ a full time Technology Specialist? 
Do you struggle to understand how to integrate new technoloies to help you save time and become more effective?
Let us become your Virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Do you spend time worrying about your IT systems when you could be focusing on your core business; your customers and building your business?  
An IT Support Package can be tailored specifically for your business.

Do you struggle with the integration of computers, smart phones, tablet PCs and/or other devices to provide a single, consistent view of business information? 
We can advise you on how best to integrate your technology platforms to provide concise and consistent up-to-date information in the most cost effective manner.

Have you ever wondered how your business might survive if your computers were stolen or damaged or you lost one or more of your critical business systems (e.g. Email, Client Database, Accounting Package)?
See how a cost effective offsite backup and recovery solution will protect your business assets 

Do you need to upgrade your computer systems but do not know how to migrate systems and valuable information over to new computers?  
Our experienced staff can migrate your systems and data across to new computers.

Is your business growing but you do not know how to expand your Information Technology investment to keep pace with business growth? 
Let us show you how to do this cost effectively while future proofing any new IT investments you make.

Do you want to share data, printers, faxes or other devices within your office but do not know where to start or what to do? 
Let us design and implement a small business or home office network for you.

Has your business grown to the extent that you should be considering networking your computers into a "server" based network for centralised control and administration?
We have the skills to deploy and manage a server based network for your business 

Has your business been severely impacted when an incident outside your control has denied you access to the business systems you now rely upon on a daily basis? 
With our background in corporate IT, we
can show you how to minimise the risk to your business by developing a tailored IT Risk Assessment and Business Continuity Plan.

Is the effectiveness of your staff less than desired due to their lack of experience with the IT systems you use?
See how customised on-site or off-site training could meet your needs.

Are your office computers slowing down but you do not want the expense of upgrading or replacing them? 
We can deliver automated housekeeping solutions and cost-effective upgrade options to keep your current computers running at optimal speed for greater business efficiency.

Are you running the risk of coming under attack from a computer virus or other form of computer infection?
Let us install Anti-Virus and Internet Security software that will give you peace of mind that your business systems and electronic identity are protected. 

Does your current computer support provider treat you as "small fry" and give priority to larger businesses?  
All our business clients are treated as #1 and are supported with the same high degree of importance, regardless of size. 

Do you want to start using Social Media as a way to attract clients but do not know where or how to start?
Let us put you on the road to business growth through the free marketing exposure provided through Social Media exploitation.

If your business has technology related requirement or issue not covered above, contact us to see how MATE Computing can assist you.  

In areas outside our core business, we will seek out solutions and work with your chosen suppliers to ensure a seemless integration of new technologies, systems and processes into your business.   

MATE Computing is proud to have the following businesses among its clients:

Contact us today to find out how having MATE Computing as your IT Service and Support provider can help you with your business success.