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Stress Free Computing in Your Home

Don't pull your hair out!  Become "Best MATEs" with your computer.

Do computer problems frustrate you? 

Would you like problem free computing experiences for your peace of mind? 

Then click here

Whether new to computers or an experienced user, at times they can frustrate us all!  We wish we had a hammer at hand when something stops working or we can't figure out how to do something.  There is a far less dangerous way to overcome our frustrations and resolve these issues.  Call in The Experts

Many of us grew up in the age before computers became an every day household item.  The skills and knowledge that younger generations now learn at school were not available to us.  We have had to come from behind and "get on board" with today's fast paced world of technology.  Our computer savvy children and grandchildren look at us and say "That's so simple.  Do this, click here, change that and its done.  Why can't you do that?"  Using the services of MATE Computing, you could become computer savvy like your children using your home computer for all the activities you bought it for. 

At MATE Computing we see ourselves as Stress Managers.  We are here to relieve you of your frustrations by solving your computer problems for you, making your life less stressful and enabling you to be more productive and enjoy the time spent in front of your computer.

Computers are like cars.  With a car, first you learn to drive one, next you purchase one and soon you cannot do without one.  Nobody expects you to service or repair it yourself though!  You visit a mechanic or the local vehicle repair specialist.  Similarly, nobody expects you to spend hours struggling with problems when your computer misbehaves itself.

Let MATE Computing become your local computer specialist.  We are only a phone call away on 1800 IT MATE (1800 486 283) or click here to contact us.

Based on the NSW Central Coast, MATE Computing services customers from Sydney to Newcastle and The Hunter.  Our team of support specialists are hand picked for their technical knowledge, friendly nature, trustworthiness, professionalism, maturity and ability to get the job done for you cost effectively.  So if your computer has broken, you are having difficulties or you just want some sound, friendly advice contact us now.

We offer a wide range of affordable, professional services and solutions including:

  • Problem diagnosis, rectification and PC repair
  • Computer health checks and speed-up
  • Advice and guidance with computer equipment purchases
  • Cost-effective computer upgrades to avoid unecessary replacement
  • Data migration to new computers
  • Data backup and recovery services
  • Data synchronisation and sharing between computers
  • Synchronisation of data between computers, mobile phones and/or Tablet PCs
  • Computer security and identity protection
  • Anti-virus protection and virus removal
  • Spyware protection and removal
  • Identification and removal of system bottlenecks
  • Internet connections and sharing
  • Home networking (wired or wireless)
  • Printer (or other device) sharing
  • Email setup and use
  • Help with social media (e.g. Facebook)
  • Training and Tutoring (one-on-one or for groups)
  • Child proofing your computer

We offer "in home" support, visiting you in the comfort of your own home.  We do not expect you to bring your problems to a computer store to be solved.   

After an initial service call, many of our customers make use of our Remote Support capabilities.  Once we've earned your trust, solving your problems remotely can be far more cost effective for you and result in a faster delivery of service.  Using remote support, with your permission and approval, we can take control of your mouse and keyboard remotely, as if we were sitting next to you.  We chat to you on the phone as we help resolve your issues or walk you through areas of difficulty.  Click on Remote Support to see how easy it is to establish a remote support connection and for us to fix many of your problems or provide tailored tuition for you without setting foot in your home. 

Contact us today to find out how MATE Computing's services can help make your life with computers a little less stressful and more rewarding; how you can become MATEs with your computer.