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Remote Support for Cost Effective, Speedy Assistance

Using our Remote Support capability, many of our customers receive more cost effective and more timely resolution of their problems. Instead of waiting for one of our support staff to visit you in your home or office, the support person connects with your computer remotely and is granted access, by you, directly into your computer.

The product we use for the delivery of this service is Go To Assist from Citrix Online.  During the creation of a remote support connection, a small piece of software is downloaded from the Go To Assist site and is temporarily installed on your computer.  This free download is totally safe for you to install. 

All that is required for you to make use of this service is for your computer to be functioning and be actively connected to the Internet.  Having access to a phone or a microphone active on your computer is handy so we can remain in voice contact with you as your support call is in progress.  It is as if we are sitting on a chair next to you at your computer.

If you would like to see a demonstration of how Remote Support can work for you click here.   

During a Remote Support session, we  see exactly the same screen images as are being displayed on your monitor, chat to you about what we see and, at your discretion, we can either guide you through a difficulty over the phone or we can take control of your mouse and keyboard and fix a problem for you.

Some of the uses we make of this capability include

    • The application of software fixes
    • The installation of new or updated software products
    • Tuning your system for better performance
    • Personal Tutoring; showing you how to use a program feature that you are not familiar with
    • Setting up backup schedules or restoring data you may have inadvertently deleted 

We can even remotely re-boot your computer, something that is often required when new programs or software fixes are installed

Some users like to remain with us as we make necessary changes to your system.  Others "leave us to it" and go about their daily life in the knowledge that their problems are being addressed for them by a person who has earned their respect and trust.  The choice is entirely yours to make. 

Remote Support is just one of the features available through MATE Computing to enable us to be more proactive to your needs and to deliver a more timely and cost effective level of service to our clients.

Contact us now to see Remote Support in action on your computer!